Welcome to my visual art blog. This blog is designed to give you an insight into my creative practice and the variety of projects, past and present, that I have been fortunate enough to be involved in. Occasionally I include work that I find out there on the world wide web that I find interesting.

My work is primarily focussed on representations of the natural world and man made environment. Whether this be through working alongside experts within the field of environmental sciences, or documenting individuals heritage narrative. I am interested in engaging with a wide cross section of individuals and working with a variety of organisations. I have disseminated my work through a variety of areas including:

Public Art 

Community Engagement

Charitable Trust Engagement

Solo Exhibitions


My work is available for private purchase as well as bespoke commissions. I use a variety of high quality trusted suppliers to reproduce works to my clients specific requirements. I have produced pieces using laser etch and cutting technology, large scale digital prints on glass, acrylic, canvas, fabric and ceramic. As an artist I am always looking to push the boundaries of technology and explore the potential for new methods of display and installation.

Feel free to get in touch should you have any queries!!


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